Did you know that having a professional website can help you increase sales and expose you to thousands of new clients? So now ask yourself , "Can I afford NOT to have a professional website?"

Let's face it, most web design projects do not go over very smoothly due to a company's lack of communication. To avoid this from happening, our web design team is prepared to go over YOUR DESIGN IDEA'S and offer suggestions to build a fully functional website. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your website design, our design team will go the EXTRA MILE to design a site according to your exact specifications. Most of all, we do not limit the amount of design builds and we will not charge you additional fees. When you need to make changes to your web design, we are here to serve you.

We do not use templates here, everything is custom built to your website.

When you choose Long Island Web Solutions, an experienced designer will work with you personally through every phase of your Web project. If you are local in Long Island, we will meet with you to discuss everything...

Whether you are looking to get a new website design for your business or whether you are looking to give your old site or logo a touch up or a brand new look, we are here to accommodate you with your needs. We can show you how easy it is to have your own business BLOG, demonstrate our affordable E-commerce solutions and explain how they can help you sell more with less effort. We can also teach you how to increase your site traffic, and we can host and maintain your site for you at an affordable rate.