This website is a standard site with 1 custom Main index page and 4-5 custom sub-pages.
There are so many things you can do with this site design that we couldn't even list it for you. This would be the most built website form out there today, the "standard" website build.

This will include the following:

  • 2 fresh custom layout designs, one for the main page and one for the sub-pages;
  • the main page will come with 1-2 custom graphics and a banner/header;
  • the 4-5 sub-pages will have 1 customĀ  banner/header per page;
  • custom graphic/flash Menu Links to each page;
  • 1 year hosting and domain name renewals;
  • meta tags with researched keywords pertaining to your site;
  • layout approved by you on our test server;
  • 30 days maintenance on anything you want us to change;
  • free custom Terms page;
  • uploaded to your server and tested.

This will get you in the 'real' web world with a great design and an easy to navigate website. It will be impressive to most people who go on it. There will be maintenance with a site like this so be ready or we can handle that part for you too. Customizable.